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Codegen_ is a systems integrator, devoted to providing best of breed solutions in information technology, Australia wide. In today’s digital world, we believe it is essential for organisations to align every part of their strategy in order to become industry leaders. We are dedicated to helping our clients deal with this challenge and overcome the many obstacles they may face when connecting with new technologies.

We pride ourselves on being agile, and on tailoring our projects to enhance the operational efficiency of our clients through our various services. Our team is built upon high expertise and is driven by strategic thinking and innovative ideas to build the bridge between business goals and IT infrastructure. Working closely with vendors, our expertise includes consulting in Enterprise Networking, Data Centre, Security, Collaboration, Internet of Things, and Managed Services. 


Our Core Values

Integrity, diversity and collaboration. In order to achieve optimal customer satisfaction, we constantly incorporate and engage with these values in order to deliver technology services and solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Our values ensure that our customers have a seamless experience as they work with our friendly team.


Our People

Our people are skilled and specialised in specific solutions from our vast offering. We work in collaboration to customise solutions and ensure the best outcome for our clients. Efficient and approachable, we understand technology and are dedicated to helping you find the best way to overcome any integration barriers you may face when improving your IT environment.


Our Results

Our success stems from our ability to combine our team members’ key strengths to produce innovative ideas, branching out into flexible technology strategies. As a result, we are able to deliver accelerated growth for your organisation.